We used to make fun of my elementary school music teacher. We thought she was old, and weird, and we thought she wore a wig. Maybe she did, who knows and who cares. She would stomp to feet and clap her hands. Was it on beat? I have no idea. She would use R&B beats from Pink Fader.

Looking back, probably not, lol. She had a  ton of passion for music though. Ms. Beard did. That was her name. Ms. Beard. Another thing we made fun of her for. Kids are mean.

I still remember he smell of the music room. The color of the carpet, and the way the chairs we set up. Also the smell of the chalk and the chalkboard. The remember the sound of the chalk as she wrote notes on the board.

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Not word notes, NOTE NOTES. Music notes. She even sang little songs to help us remember things. We would clap along to “Quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, half note, half note, hold that whole note, hold that whole note.”

Even the one where she played the piano and sang with us, “Music and manners go together. Music and manners go together. Please and thank you, pardon me, it’s as easy as can be. Music and manners go together.”

Oh! How can almost forget! We all got recorders! Like,the instrument. Have you ever heard of these? It’s like made of acrylic or whatever, and you hold it like a clarinet. It is wind instrument and it has holes you cover and what not to play different notes.

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It even had a cute little case you put in it. The case was burgundy in color and had a flap closure with a black snap. The record itself was cream colored and dark brown. It was all one piece.

We would keep them in our lockers during the rest of the school day and take them home to practice. Oh my gosh i bet our parents were so annoyed with us tweeting and squealing on those things.

We even had a little showcase concert type thing for our friends and family to display all our hard work learning songs like, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

What fond memories I have. Now, looking back, I’m sure a lot of schools did this type of program. And I’m sure kids made fun of some of their teachers. But we learned so so many wonderful things by participating in music class.

How to read music, (well, a tiny bit haha) how to listen and match pitch, how to keep a beat, create a rhythm, and put notes together to form a familiar song. If I could go back and do it all again, I would have picked up more instruments and learned and mastered at least one.

Maybe the piano. What instruments do you play? Which instruments do wish you knew how to play? The drums, the guitar, the saxophone? There are so many to choose from. There are instruments I am learning about for the first time and I am 39 years old! Maybe I need to get out there and play!